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Medicals, Reports & Certificates


We provide a wide range of medical examinations, medical reports and certificates.

For sickness certificates see: Sickness Certificates 

For Driver Medicals see: Driver Medicals

For any other Medical, Report or Certificate you require please contact us via email or chat and we will give you an individual quotation.  It is helpful if you can send the medical form you need completed as an attachment via email or chat so we can properly assess your requirements.

We provide a range of medical certificates, examinations and reports for various official reasons:


  • Immigration and Visa medical

  • Work medical

  • Pre-employment medical

  • Fitness to fly medical

  • Fitness to travel medical

  • Fitness to perform medical

  • Private sick note

  • Boxing medical

  • Sports medical

  • MMA Medical

  • SafeMMA Medical

  • Life insurance medical

  • Driver medical

  • HGV Medical

  • Lorry Driver Medical

  • DLM1 Medical

  • Airside driving permit

  • and many more.........


Please contact us with the details of the medical, examination or certificate you require and we will let you know the price.

All necessary ECGs, blood tests and X-rays can also be arranged.