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Fit to Fly Medicals


Fit to Fly Consultation - £150

Fit to Fly Consultations are carried out by Dr Steven Kinnear who has undertaken advanced training in Aviation Medicine at King's College University in London.


Dr Kinnear has a special interest in travel and aviation medicine and is a student pilot himself.

Fitness to fly consultations include an assessment of fitness to fly and compilation of the necessary medical information for submission to an airline (including, if necessary, completion of the MEDIF form).

The ultimate decision on whether any passenger is accepted for travel on an airliner is at the discretion of the airline, but they will often ask for an assessment by a doctor, and completion of a MEDIF form, to help them make their decision. In some situations a passenger may be fit to fly providing additional measures are in place, such as supplemental oxygen.  The more information that is provided in advance, the more likely it is that a reasonable, evidence based decision can be made by the airline.

Dr Kinnear has the knowledge and expertise to carry out the medical assessment, and compile the necessary factual information for submission to the airline, to allow them to make a decision in consultation with their own medical advisers.  Where appropriate he may advise further referral, investigation or testing in order to ascertain fitness to fly, or ascertain the additional measures required to support a passenger to fly, e.g. use of supplemental oxygen on the aircraft.

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