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Why work with Docster?

Docster is an online platform making it simple and easy for any GP to offer private appointments and services on a fee-paying basis.

  • Easy to get started - the Docster team will take care of all the setup for you 

  • No upfront cost to you or your practice

  • No hassle - you see the patients, we take care of administration,  marketing, patient enquiries, online booking, payment processing and managing suppliers and private lab services

  • Additional Revenue - earn much-needed additional revenue for your practice or supplement your own income

  • Set your own fees for the services you provide

  • Minimal time commitment – you can choose how many appointments to offer each day. We suggest a maximum of one or two appointments per GMS clinical session to ensure there is no impact on your core GMS work. You can of course offer more appointments depending on your workload and schedule of clinical and admin sessions or offer appointments in sessions when you aren't working for the HSC/NHS

  • Flexibility - you can offer sessions during the day, in the evening or at weekends, whatever suits you best. You can also tailor what type of appointments you offer on different days and at different times

  • Choice - you choose which services you offer via Docster. You can offer a single service or multiple services. It's up to you.

  • You're in control - manage your appointments availability using an online calendar.  This gives you control over how many appointments you offer and when.

  • Automated booking system - patients book online. Doctors get an email notification for each booking and their personal calendar is updated with the appointment details

  • Prompt payment of fees directly into your bank account

  • Admin support - in line with our no hassle promise, our admin team will answer and deal with any queries you have 

  • Professional support - our medical director is a GP with business and private practice experience and can help and guide you with any issues relating to your private practice

  • No travel - you can work from your existing premises.  No need to travel to another location to work.

  • Provide patients with choice – for years patients have had the choice of seeing secondary care doctors and AHPs privately and many choose to do so.  There is now a demand for similar access to private GP services

  • Earn additional income from private lab investigations – we work with private labs that provide quick and convenient testing, with results sent directly to patients and an online results portal for doctors










​To find out more or make a no obligation confidential enquiry about joining Docster please Contact Us.

Docster have been incredibly easy to work with. The set up was simple and quick. I now have a calendar set up for my appointments that I can tailor to my needs. I have been able to set up individualised responses to be sent to those who book an appointment, automatically sending them information from me about their appointment. I have no stress or hassle processing payments, docster does all this on my behalf. The team at docster respond quickly to any questions. It is all so simple and efficient. Those who have made bookings through docster tell me they found the experience very easy.  Happy doctor and happy patients.

Dr Ed Noble

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