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Preparing for Blood Test

Phlebotomy 2U



Book a Phlebotomy 2U appointment from £50


Phlebotomy is the medical name for taking blood samples.


Our new Phlebotomy 2U service offers the ultimate convenience and flexibility of a trained phlebotomist attending your home or workplace to take you blood samples.

Phlebotomy 2U is currently available in Ards, North Down and East Belfast (Postcodes: BT4, BT5, BT6, BT18, BT19, BT20, BT21, BT22, BT23) provided by Alana Noble

You can book a Phlebotomy 2U appointment for blood tests requested by any of the following:


  • Docster

  • Docster GP

  • Docster Hospital Consultant

  • NHS GP 

  • NHS Hospital Consultant

  • Private GP (non-Docster)

  • Private Hospital Consultant (non-Docster)

  • Private clinic (non-Docster)

  • Private Hospital (non-Docster)

Please note: For any third party blood tests (those not booked via Docster) you will need to have completed request forms and labels from the requesting Doctor or Clinic.  This enables the phlebotomist to know which samples to take in order for the required tests to be performed.  The phlebotomist will only be responsible for taking the blood samples.  Your requesting Doctor, Clinic or Hospital will be responsible for accessing, interpreting, communicating and acting upon the results.

For Clinic-based phlebotomy visit our Phlebotomy Page

Docster offers an extensive range of private lab tests.  Visit our Lab Tests page to find out more.


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