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Blood Samples

Lab Tests







We offer an extensive range of lab tests in association with our lab partners.  

Due to the vast number of possible lab tests it would be a massive task to list them all for online booking so we have listed the most commonly requested tests.  If you don't find the test you want, don't worry! Chances are we can do the test for you.  Just send us a message and we will let you know.

To book your lab tests:

  1. Book and pay for a phlebotomy (blood taking) appointment online

  2. Either list the lab tests you require at checkout and we will send you a payment link to pay for the tests OR purchase your lab tests online after booking your phlebotomy appointment

  3. Bring the payment confirmation with you to your appointment

(We know this in not the slickest way to do this but Docster is a new idea and this website is our first iteration.  If we find people are using the online lab test booking service we will work on developing an integrated system that allows test selection and appointment booking all in one go.)

Once you have booked your appointment, chosen and paid for your tests, then just attend your appointment with a nurse or healthcare assistant to have your blood tests performed.  Your samples will be dispatched to the lab the same day and you will receive your results as soon as they are available.  Many tests are turned around by the lab within 24 hours.

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