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Docster is a new service which allows patients to book an appointment with an NHS (HSC in NI) GP on a private, fee-paying basis.  This can be for any of the reasons you would usually consult an NHS GP, or for a private service not provided by the NHS, such as driver medicals, insurance medicals  or certain travel vaccinations.  This is a brand new service and a brand new (beta) website.  Our aim is to make it easy and convenient for you to book the private services you need.  We welcome any feedback on how we can improve our service or your experience of using our website.  As we say, this is a beta version so not everything works just how we'd like but we continue to make incremental improvements on an ongoing basis.

Local Surgeries

No registration


GMC registered Doctors

Short waiting


General GP Appointments

Book an appointment for any of the reasons you would normally see an NHS GP, such as rashes, lumps and bumps, aches and pains, feeling unwell, ear pain, sore throat, cough, cold, stress, depression, anxiety, the list is long. GPs are specialists in general medical practice and so can deal with a very wide range of health problems

Sick Lines

Get a sick line quickly and easily, for work, school, university or travel cancellation

Scans and X-rays

If you require a scan or an x-ray our GPs can assess your need, make the referral and explain the results to you with onward referral if needed

Scans and X-rays

If you require a scan or an x-ray our GPs can assess your need, make the referral and explain the results to you with onward referral if needed

Lab Tests

We can provide an extensive range of lab testing in association with our laboratory partners

COVID-19 Swab Tests, IgM Antibody Tests & Travel Certificates

Book online for a COVID-19 Swab Test and/or IgM antibody test including identity verification and Travel Certificate


If you wish to see a specialist you will usually need a referral letter from a GP. Our GPs can assess your needs and provide the appropriate referral

Occupational Health

Fitness for work assessments and occupational health vaccinations such as Hepatitis B

Driver Medicals

Quick and convenient Driver Medical examinations. No hassle, no long waits.


We provide a wide range of vaccinations including all those in the standard UK immunisation schedule and additional vaccinations such as Chickenpox, Men B, Men ACWY, pneumococcal, MMR and HPV

Travel Consultations

Get ready for you next adventure with a travel consultation, risk assessment, travel vaccinations and anti-malarials.

Medicals, Reports and Certificates

Our Doctors provide a wide range of medical examinations, reports and certificates including medico-legal reports, insurance medicals, Visa Medicals, sports medicals and more

Sexual Health Screening

We provide a comprehensive range of sexual health screening tests


Claire Healy

Chicken pox vaccination

Great service, very prompt communications and answered any questions I had.


Easy site to navigate. The doctor was very helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. Many thanks

Philip Stewart

Felt completely at ease. The doctor and nurse were friendly and very efficient