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Our Mission is to democratise and modernise General Practice, making it work better for Patients and GPs.

We want to give patients a choice of how, when and where to see a GP.  And we want to make it easy for patients to obtain private GP services when they want them and when they need them.

We also want to enable NHS GPs to provide private services alongside their NHS commitments, bringing additional revenue into NHS practices, keeping them viable, and making it more attractive for GPs to remain in NHS General Practice at a time when many GPs are choosing to work in private-only clinics and alternative roles.

All patients are entitled to register with an NHS GP and receive NHS services free of charge, but at times, an individual may choose to pay for a private consultation for their own convenience or because they require a non-NHS service.

GPs providing private services is not new.  There have always been services patients need that the NHS does not provide.  These have always been provided by GPs on a private basis.  For example: driver medicals, insurance medicals, medico-legal reports, many letters, certificates, and reports.

Docster is not introducing private General Practice.  

We are organising private General Practice.

We are offering patients choice and convenience.

We are making it easier for GPs to provide private services to patients who want and need them.

We are supporting GPs to remain in NHS practice and NHS practices to remain viable.

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