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Driver Medicals NI

Driver Medical from just £65

Driver Medicals NI is now part of Docster. You can expect the same great value and excellent service but now with the convenience of online booking and secure online payment.  A standard driver medical examination still costs from just £65.

We offer the following driver medicals in Northern Ireland:

  • HGV Medical

  • LGV Medical

  • Lorry Driver Medical

  • DLM1 Medical

  • Group 2 Licence Medical

  • Taxi Driver Medical

  • Taxi Licence Medical

  • Racing Driver Medical

  • Motorbike Medical

  • Motorsport Medical

  • Motorhome Medical

  • Bus Driver Medical

  • Crane Operator Medical

  • Forklift Medical

  • Airside Driving Permit Medical

We can perform your driver medical at one of our convenient locations in Northern Ireland.  We can usually offer appointments at short notice and at a time convenient to you.

Our medicals include a basic eye test (except Tandragee) as required for the DLM1 medical form.  Our doctors have snellen charts designed for testing to DVLA standards.

Simply book your driving medical online stating the type of medical you need and bring the form with you to the appointment. 


The examination can usually be completed in under 30 minutes.

What you need to bring with you:

Download our Driver Medical appointment checklist:

  • Photo ID - driving license or passport

  • The relevant Medical Form

  • Glasses/contact lenses if worn

  • If you wear contact lenses - equipment to remove and replace these for the eye test as your eyes need to be tested with and without corrective lenses

  • Your most recent optical prescription

  • A list of all your prescription medication

  • If you have any health problems it is helpful if you can bring details with you, such as a printout from your doctor and/or any relevant hospital letters

For more information, please call or contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help.

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